Nominated for TAGIE award!

Jeff and Mindy Glickman have been recognized by industry insiders and are now finalists for The Rising Star Inventor of the Year Award! It is the only awards ceremony for toy and game inventors. The winner is the nominee who gets the most votes, and anyone can vote. Take a moment to vote…and ask your friends to do the same!
Here’s how to vote:
Go to:
Most of the page is links to descriptions of the nominees.
The ballot is on the very bottom.
The first category is Toy Inventor of the Year. You may vote, or just click “next”, which brings you to the next category. Look for the third category, Rising Star Inventor. You will find Jeff and Mindy Glickman in the middle. After voting, you still have to click a few more “next”s to actually submit the ballot.
Let us know that you got a lot of votes..for example, you got your whole town to vote or your kid’s youth group.  If we win, we would be happy to send enthusiastic supporters (who get near 100 votes) a case of their games for gifts or to give to a charity.

Cookie Books at Book Expo America

On May 27th, Book Expo America opened at the Javits Center in New York City.  Needless to say, Cookie Books made a splash.

Cookie Books Concept Sheet

860 655-0353

Why Cookie Books is needed:

Today, there are so many opportunities for reading electronically, that the wonder of a child holding and reading a real book is a rarity.  Cookie Books are high touch and low tech.  They are fun to hold in your hand, to collect and to trade with others.  The magic of reading something no one else could see adds to the fun.  It also gives it a “secret code” motif.

It is also easy to print, and quite inexpensive to produce.

It puts a pocket microscope into the hands of children.  They will carry it wherever they go, with the potential to be fascinated with the minutia of life.  Finding beauty in the mundane develops a sense of appreciation for the world and fosters wonder.

How Cookie Books is played:

Cookie Books have writing on them which is so small, you need the microscope to read it.  With the microscope, all the letters are clear.

Various Cookie Books can be sold separately, can be collectible and can be traded.

The metal tin is so small, 20 cookie books can be carried in it and still fit easily into any pocket.

If the Cookie Books are printed on a firm stock, they can be used to play games, such as Skully or other tossing bottle cap games.  They could be rolled on edge and could be used for many marble type games.


This is a new format for publishing.  There doesn’t have to be a cookie theme.  Some could look like coins on one side, others could look like flowers.

This format is particularly suited for short themes, such as jokes, trivia or Shel Silverstein type children’s poetry.  A poker chip sized card could have 100 jokes on it.

A child could have a whole library in their pocket!  Cards (sold separately) could be about how to set up a camp, math formulas, grammar rules, summer camp games or baking recipes.

There could also be books with a secret or edgy theme – how to be a class clown, how to make up codes, or magic tricks.

There could also be a way to submit your own material – either written or photographic – and have it printed in Cookie Book format.

Copyright 2013 by Jeffrey Glickman for Turn To The Wonderful, LLC., Patent Pending

Success at ChiTaG

Every year before Thanksgiving, manufacturers come to Chicago to meet with inventors.

We got back just this morning from a very successful show.

Currently, we have the following 16 games under license:

  1. AttrAction with R and R Games
  2. Hearts of AttrAction with R and R Games
  3. AttrAction cell phone app with R and R Games
  4. Jewish version of Times Up with R and R Games
  5. Don’t Be Greedy with Melissa and Doug
  6. Discarded with Melissa and Doug
  7. SMILES with Back Alley Traders
  8. Tiny World Dino with Identity Games
  9. Tiny World Wildlife with Identity Games
  10. Tiny World Insects with Identity Game
  11. Tiny World Space with Identity Games
  12. Code 4 with Identity Games
  13. DiceFight! with Foam Brain
  14. WOO! with Fat Brain
  15. Patience with Winning Moves
  16. Outnumbered with Winning Moves

These games are under evaluation with manufacturers:

  1. Brainbow
  2. issing etters
  3. ADDvantage
  4. Cookie Books
  5. The Deli Game
  6. How I See You
  7. Rhombus
  8. Sabotage
  9. Stepping Stones
  10. Tree Words
  11. The Yessing Game

Latest Successes

Thank you for looking at our website.
Our games have been so prolific and have been so well received, it is hard to keep everything current here.

As of the middle of July, here is our rundown of games:

Games In Production
AttrAction by R & R Games
Don’t Be Greedy by Melissa and Doug
Smiles by Back Alley Traders
Four versions of Tiny World with Identity Games (Dino’s World, Town and Country World, History World and Wildlife World)
Hearts of AttrAction by R & R Games
Discarded by Melissa and Doug
DiceFight! with Foam Brain
AttrAction AP for cell phones with R & R Games
Jewish Version of Time’s Up with R & R Games
WOO with Fat Brain

Games Under Evaluation With Manufacturers
The Yessing Game
Rhombus: The Game of 60
Cookie Books
The Deli Game
How I See You
Stepping Stones
Word Sabotage

Newly Invented
Tree Words

We have found that it takes about two years from the time a game is licensed until it appears in stores. Because we are so new to this, we are just entering the the time when you can find them on shelves. However, many are available on the company websites.

We recently patented the games:

Tic Tac Ten


Nine Align



bringing the total to 11 patented games!

Hope you will love them as much as we do.